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District Improvement Grant

The goal of the DIGrant is to help facilitate quality social studies education through the development and implementation of research-based best practices. Grants should benefit a community of learners (such as an entire district, campus, department, or discipline within a department).

2022 Award Amount: $3,000 total funding allocated based on Executive Board's review of applications. Funding Amounts may differ.

  • Applicant must be a current member of TSSSA.
  • Grant outcomes must relate to TSSSA mission and belief statements.
  • Grant proposals should have potential to impact as large a number as of teachers as possible.
  • Awarding priority will be given to grants that impact pedagogy/best practices over materials or resources.
  • Grant winners must either submit a summary of their grant for publication by TSSSA or present their learning/program at a subsequent TSSSA conference within the year of the award.‚Äč
Application Guidelines
  1.  Recognizing that many programs emphasize standardized test scores such as STAAR, the purpose of this grant is not to increase performance on a standardized test but rather enhance the educational experience in the classroom.
  2. Supplemental classroom materials and prepackaged kits are acceptable, however, grants that demonstrate creative and effective implementation and inspire students to learn will be scored higher.
  3. Grants that directly benefit large numbers of teachers/students will be given preference.
  4. Grants that share materials and/or techniques between grades, groups, schools, etc. will be given preference.
  5. Grants which utilize durable, reusable items will be given preference over single, limited use materials. 
  1. No funds will be awarded for: salaries, standard office supplies or equipment, or food outside the normal for a training.
  2. No funds will be awarded for multiple applications from an individual school to fund an entire program.
  3. TSSSA will not reimburse grant expenses which exceed the stated dollar amount originally requested.
  4. Grants can be used to help off-set a cost of a training. If partial funding is requested and the district (or other funding source) will cover the remaining portion of training, this should be made clear in application.
  5. A timely summary or presentation for each grant must be submitted by the stated deadline. Those who do not comply will be eliminated for consideration for grants for the following academic year.
  6. In the event a recipient of a grant transfers to another district, the grant stays with the awarded district.
  7. Grant applications, whether funded or not, may be resubmitted each year.
  8. Copies of all invoices and/or receipts must be submitted by the stated deadline. 



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